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Kinderville Foundation

We start and support high-quality initiatives around the world to help children heal, learn and thrive.

Using Educational Initiatives to Promote Change and Progress on a Global Scale

Providing Educational Support that Empowers Children

The Kinderville Foundation was first established in 2003 in Montreal, Canada to help disadvantaged children realize their full potential in a safe, nurturing environment.

The Kinderville Foundation’s Values:

● Creating impactful learning experiences by empowering every child to learn by sparking creativity, curiosity, and honesty.

● Developing responsible global citizens by teaching children to become socially responsible global citizens.

● Prioritizing ethics by adhering to practices that are honest, ethical, and transparent

● Promoting diversity by supporting everyone equally, regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, class, nationality, or disability

● Providing a safe experience by creating a safe, nurturing learning environment where children can thrive

● Focusing on accountability by being transparent with donors—100% of donations are used for learning initiatives (books, equipment, and supplies)

Our Mission

The Kinderville Foundation strongly believes that everyone deserves the chance to reach their full potential. Therefore, we empower children with their fundamental right to education, and we help adults in the weakest sections of our society with critical language and communication skills.

Because the Kinderville Foundation believes that education is a fundamental right for all, we undertake, fund, and support projects that promote equal access to quality learning, personal development, and essential life skills.

Empowering Children and the Community

Empowering children through education involves working with families and their communities to ensure a strong foundation. Our projects help train teachers and cultivate early learning programs that address local community issues through a structured approach to personal development. Involving communities at the grassroots level improves a child’s chances for success throughout the entire learning cycle.

Help Make a Difference Today By Giving the Gift of Learning

Change the life of a disadvantaged child today by donating to the Kinderville Foundation. Choose a one-time lump sum or set up monthly donations to provide direct financial support for Kinderville early learning projects worldwide.

Sourcing and Supplying Oxygen Concentrators

The situation in India was absolutely heartbreaking and India needed our help to get basic resources directly in the hands of people in need so we purchased and shipped 25 5L Oxygen Concentrators directly to medical facilities in New Delhi, India. With the massive worldwide demand for such concentrators to meet India’s enormous demand, it was becoming increasingly difficult to source these products from reliable manufacturers or distributors. We completed our research and due diligence to secure these concentrators at the best current rate.

With the COVID-19 pandemic showing no signs of stopping, Kinderville Foundation has significantly ramped up its efforts to mitigate a humanitarian crisis.

United in the fight against the virus, Kinderville besides shipping the Oxygen Concentrators, we are continuing to find ways to provide support to the people most at risk. We would like to thank everyone who helped our initiative in India. We shipped 25 units of 5L Oxygen Concentrators. We saw this as “short-term” and serves as urgent care requirements.

25 5L Oxygen Concentrators sent to India

Says Moosie :

If you’re like me, you believe in making a difference. Just imagine what we can do together? Let’s work as a team to create an even more significant positive impact on our children, families, and communities. Volunteer or donate today.

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