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How We Educate:
The Kinderville Curriculum

Focusing on the “how” rather than the “what”

The Kinderville Curriculum incorporates fundamental educational subjects like Math, Science, English, and Physical Activity while catering to foundational child development needs such as self-expression and self-discovery.

We are a play-based learning center so we use music, drama, games, experiments, language activities, and collaborative activities with peers to help each child thrive.

The Kinderville Curriculum

Our Literacy Program

Our Literacy Program is etched into every facet of our curriculum. In this program, children are introduced to phonics and engage in language activities to develop their literacy skills.


Our Numeracy Program

Our Numeracy Program highlights concept development, where we encourage children to problem solve emotionally, mathematically, and creatively.

Kinderville’s Three Pillars of Education


Learning Through Inquiry

Our teachers adopt inquiry-based learning practises to build a child’s spontaneous desire for exploration, gradually guiding them to a focused and systematic observation style.


Learning With Real-Life Context

We connect learning to real-life experiences in the world. Developing a realistic concept allows children to strengthen their social skills and overall impact in society.


Learning Through Integration

Our preschoolers are presented with learning concepts that help deepen their understanding of their innate skills and determine their professional capabilities.

Kinderville’s Three Pillars of Education

Making Education Informative & Fun

In addition to our in-class teachings, we host monthly “dress up” days, morning swimming activities, messy play games, scientific experiments, and on-site field trips.

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