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Have you met Moosie?

Moosie is Kinderville's mascot and acts as an ambassador of learning and fun. His values reflect our Canadian history and focus on sparking creativity in young children.


Moosie on Montreal

Hi Friends!

My name is Moosie. What’s your name?

Do you want to hear a few fun facts? They’re about me and some really cool places in Canada! And when I say cool, I mean awesome AND bbbbrrrrrr c..c…c…cold.

Did you know there’s some really fun stuff to do in the wintertime in Canada? Like building snowballs, and ooooohhh snowmen! And playing hockey and wearing big shoes with blades on them! I think those are called skates! Oh, and drinking yummy hot chocolate with mmmmmmmmarshmallows.

Are you ready to hear more? Let’s go!

A Little About Me

Ok, so I was born in Montreal, Canada, in my most favorite daycare of all time—KINDERVILLE! I speak both French and English, and I’m currently working on my Arabic. With a little practice, my goal is to perfect that too!

I have so many Kinderville friends of different languages and cultures from all around the world. I can’t wait to meet all of you.

Snow, Ice, and Everything Nice

Have you ever been to Montreal? It gets pretty cold here. Remember to bring warm clothes when you visit. Have you ever played in the snow? Or glided across the ice? Or made snow Moosies?! Ah, silly me…I make snow Moosies—you make snow ANGELS!

Friends, playing outdoors in the winter is soooo much fun!! It’s so important to spend time outside every day, even when it’s cold. Do you know why?

Our strong bodies get fuelled with vitamin D from the sun! Plus, we need to get all our energy out somehow, don’t we? Spending energy helps us focus better throughout the day. Physical activity is so important my friends.

Do you want to know what one of my most favorite things about Winter is? YOU DO?!

Ok…wait for it……building great big, ginormous snowmen with my friends! It’s so much fun— rolling the snow into balls, pushing them across the snow as they get bigger…and bigger….and bigger! You know who Olaf is, right? From the Frozen movies? Yeah, we make snowmen just like him!

We have so much working together. Teamwork is so important, isn’t it friends? We use our imaginations to create different faces, arms, and clothing! The more creative we get, the more exciting it is!

Did you know that many decisions need some level of creative thinking? This helps build essential problem-solving skills to help you throughout life. So, when you build your next snowman, dress it up with a dress or a vest, and name it Sparkle McFreeze if you want to! Here at Kinderville, we’re all about sparking creativity in every child!

Hugs & Kisses,

Your forever friend,